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How To Manage Your Business Debt

Debt management for a business is vastly different than debt management for an individual or household. Some debts can create opportunities that help your business, while others can work counter to your long-term business goals. Regardless, as a business owner or manager, you should understand fully the legal ramifications of your debts, your options for debt relief and your rights.

With over 25 years of experience working with individuals and businesses in need of legal debt management solutions, attorney Monica Forte can help you determine a strategy that will benefit your business. Contact her Chicago-based office today by calling 312-967-4104. She serves clients throughout the collar counties.

Make Your Debt Work For You

At Forte & Associates, LLC, you have a valuable resource. Monica Forte understands the legal implications of your debt, and she can help you make the best possible decisions for your business, even if that feels impossible at the moment. She can help you determine:

  • What the underlying value of your business is, including inventorying your existing assets, debts and liabilities
  • Whether you are making the most out of your financial options, like refinancing, negotiating older debts or liquidating stagnant assets
  • Where your business stands in comparison to your debts and how those debts can impact you and your business’s shareholders

Business debts can be a complicated web of liability, both personal and professional. Work with an attorney who understands Chicago-area industry and the high demands on your business.

Helping You Collect Commercial Debt

As a business owner, collecting debt from other businesses or individuals can be difficult. This area of law is complex, and working with an attorney experienced with commercial debt collection law can help you resolve this issue efficiently and effectively. Forte & Associates, LLC can help you work through all stages of the collection process, including litigation or collections to satisfy a judgement.

Can Your Business Wait?

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